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Stop Abuse of Elected Positions

Recent Election News:

Elected officials work for their constituency. Their time should be dedicated to their service to the public. When elected officials use their positions to lash out at citizens, they lose credibility for themselves and our city. 

Just last election, our city endured the first investigation by the Orange County District Attorney resulting in an incumbent candidate having to reimburse the city more than $10,000 in legal fees for his campaign practices. This election cycle has already begun with concern expressed by the voters and businesses in Aliso Viejo over another incumbent candidate's campaign practices. This must stop. 

Previous Election News:

Voters should listen to the audio recording of the city council meeting  on Wednesday, October 3rd. Councilman Phil Tsunoda's uncontrolled, emotion outburst challenging a citizen's right to a public records request is an example of this abuse. No citizen should be intimidated by an elected official's attempts to quash public debate or restrict the release of public information. Voters should also listen to Councilman Phil Tsunoda's misrepresentation of his conversation with Ross Chun. When asked by Tsunoda, "What are you trying to get at with your public records request?," the answer was given clearly, and in public, "I am trying to get at the truth. I would like to know what took place out of the public view." If this is not a satisfactory answer for Councilman Phil Tsunoda, then he needs to gain an understanding of the very basis of public records request. 

Ross Chun for Aliso Viejo City Council 2020
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